By Mike Skeffington

Business decisions are generally made in one of two ways: reaction based on gut instinct or calculated using relevant information. We all know those managers that have access to information, and still make a decision based on a gut reaction or instinct. Sometimes they’re right, but these types of decisions are best suited for choosing an item from the dinner menu, or deciding which movie to see, or picking a direction to run away from that dinosaur that’s about to eat you. The decisions that cause a business to deploy people, money, equipment, and other valuable resources must be driven and supported by information. These decisions are risky by their very nature. If you make the right decision, you’re the hero, even if only temporarily. If you make the wrong decision, you cost the business time, market share, competitive advantage, or worse. Either way, you have to make decisions if the business is going to progress.

How do you minimize decision risk, and make the best decisions? You can let someone else make decisions. Or you can base your decisions on the best data available. After all, decisions based on bad data is a lot like using your gut. I’m sure this all sounds intuitive, and that’s a good thing. The hard part is finding the ‘best data available.’ That’s because you don’t ‘find’ the best data – you have to create it. Having the best data means you know where the data comes from, if it’s blended with data from multiple sources, if it meets quality standards, if it’s raw or calculated, if it’s current, if it’s consistent, and much more. Ultimately, you must TRUST the data.

Today, there is more data than you can shake a stick at, but can you trust that it’s been compiled in a way that you can use it with confidence? Are you reducing your risk? How do you know? If you’re making decisions without 100% trust in the data, then maybe you’re just running from dinosaurs.


IQexchange Update

By Mike Haden


On May 3, 2016, EnergyIQ announced the first release of IQexchange, version 2016.1, a new Event Management Platform that enables companies to exchange and synchronize data between disparate applications, filling the gap in today’s master data management (MDM) market.  IQexchange facilitates optimal data-driven decisions, based on the most trusted and current information available.  The new solution provides access to real-time events, enhancing visibility into the Well Lifecycle, and optimizing asset management across the enterprise.

The 2016.1 release of IQexchange focused on giving EnergyIQ’s TDM users the ability to easily distribute Well, Marker and Directional Survey data to Landmark OpenWorks projects and LMKR GeoGraphix projects.  The 2016.2 release anticipated in September 2016, will deepen the data object support in IQexchange to include logs and legal locations, as well as resolve a number of issues discovered in the field since the release of 2016.1.  An early release in 2017, will target the consumption of IQexchange events by TDM, providing bidirectional data flows between TDM, Openworks and Geographix.

IQexchange makes the task of locating, retrieving, preparing and synchronizing E&P data across the Well Lifecycle simple, timely and more efficient.

  • Easily find data and information from across the enterprise
  • Automatically keep your project current with the well master
  • Share and synchronize data more effectively across teams
  • Create confidence in the data used to make decisions
  • Transfer and transform data between applications and data stores

Based on EnergyIQ customer requests, IQexchange provides a simple commercial approach to integrate E&P systems across the enterprise, including EnergyIQ’s Trusted Data Manager (TDM), the industry’s leading well data management solution.

Implement With A Pro!

By Mike Skeffington

Implement with a ProImplementing a well master data solution and building a central data repository from which all technical subsurface data is mastered can seem like a daunting undertaking. Certainly, there are challenges that your project team will have to overcome. Through many successful implementations for small and large independent operators, EnergyIQ has developed a proven approach and methodology for delivering projects on time and on budget. While each project can be unique in terms of scope and requirements, using a proven methodology to lead through the project will make a successful outcome far more likely.

The typical approach to implementing EnergyIQ’s IQlifecycle as a Master Data Management solution will go through multiple phases of work. These phases are structured and sequenced to guide the project team through successful definition, development, delivery, and adoption of the new TDM solution. Within each phase, the project team will perform various activities, such as data migration and integration testing. Below is a high-level summary of the typical activities performed as part of EnergyIQ’s proven project management approach:

Discovery, Planning, Analysis, and Design. EnergyIQ will document the detailed business and technical requirements, and timelines in order to complete a high-level design for the implementation. EnergyIQ will also work closely with our customer to plan the project schedule to deliver on the requirements for the desired solution. Many times, these activities can be performed in an iterative/agile fashion, while other times a hybrid approach using agile/waterfall is more appropriate.

Software Installation and Configuration.  EnergyIQ will configure the TDM software to meet the defined requirements. This is generally a short effort, and the customer team is encouraged to shadow the process for early knowledge sharing.

Data Loading and Migration.  EnergyIQ will create a detailed plan for migrating and/or loading data from source systems into the new TDM data store. EnergyIQ will then perform the data loading and migration activities as part of the testing and deployment activities, using dashboards and analytics to validate the completeness and quality of the data during the process.

System and Workflow Integration.  EnergyIQ will participate in joint design sessions with customer business analysts and technical analysts for systems that must integrate with the TDM solution.

System Integration and Regressions Testing. During these activities, the system will be exercised from end-to-end, meaning all processes, all data elements, all screens and layouts, all integrations, etc. will be tested. This is once again a time where knowledge transfer can take place for the operational team.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT).  UAT will require appropriate users to access the solution and test that the solution meets business requirements and user expectations. The users will be provided with detailed UAT test scripts, and will be led by a project team resource. Usability and feature enhancement requests, as well as defects, will be addressed during this period for retesting.

Training.  Training will be provided for the EnergyIQ solution, including TDM and integration with the other systems. These activities are coordinated with the customer change management team for effective communications.

Deploy (Go-Live).  During this time, the project team will validate the solution has been deployed correctly by performing functional, data, and integration validation tests.

User Adoption.  EnergyIQ works closely with our customers to ensure project success. However, project success doesn’t stop at deployment, it requires user adoption. We work closely with the customer change management team to engage the business and IT users.

TDM 2016.1 Release

By Dan Petley

TDM Home PageTDM 2016.1 was released on June 23rd!  This version includes some significant changes along with some incremental improvements from the previous release.  Some highlighted changes in 2016.1 include: expanding the power to manage coordinate data by giving TDM the capability to capture native coordinate data (raw) and display it in any chosen coordinate system (e.g. regional and global coordinate systems), incremental user interface updates, enhancements to the TDM loader, and log data management improvements.  Of significant note, is the revamping of the Rules Engine into a Data Object validation tool, allowing finer detailed application of the rules, integration with TDM Loader and the capability to measure data quality via the Data Object Quality Management component.

We have transitioned to a new notation for labeling our TDM releases. 2016.1 is the first one for this year and we are expecting to release a 2016.2 later this year.  This also includes our rebranding of TDM into the IQsolution suite. IQinsights is the initial release for emerging companies that requires only a subset of functionality to gather and distribute data.  IQempower includes the full suite of TDM capabilities.  It is also important to mention the improvement in upgrading and deploying 2016.1 which has greatly reduced the time it takes to install.  Currently, we have one client live on 2016.1.

Along with general usability and performance enhancements, other key enhancements were made in the following areas:

  • Data Object Quality Management (Rules)
  • Global Well Coordinate System
  • IQinsights and IQempower branding
  • User Interface Enhancements
  • Advanced Dropbox
  • TDM Loader Enhancements
  • Log Data Management

With this release, there are enhanced work flow improvements, which will be some real time savers, and a more intuitive user interface for new and existing TDM users.  This new release provides more power and flexibility, enabling TDM customers to deliver more certainty in the data used to make critical decisions, and to drive more effective workflows.

To receive the release notes, please contact your account manager.

Meet The Team

Dan Petley

Dan HeadshotAs EnergyIQ’s Release Manager, Dan has more than 20 years of oil and gas, upstream and mid-stream industry experience, ranging from core analysis, and reservoir studies, to field and exploration management and simulation.  He brings a passion to serving customers, having worked on the service side of the industry, and understanding clients’ needs, having worked on the operator side.

Prior to joining EnergyIQ, Dan was an IS Supervisor of Business Delivery, responsible for Operations (Drilling), Exploration & Exploitation, and Finance with a mid-sized oil company.  Previous experience includes a long career with Schlumberger, starting out with Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS), and continuous leadership positions as a Senior Project Manager with the Data and Consulting Services (DCS) managing reservoir studies and asset evaluations.  In addition, Dan was the Canadian Consulting Operations Manager for DCS, managing the multi-disciplined technical team for reservoir studies and field management, and the Operations Manager for Reservoir Laboratories (TerraTek) for Canada including the Artic and East coast offshore.

Dan also volunteers by supporting the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) – Alberta, and Northwest Territories Board as the Vice President of Operations, and sits on the CIPS National Executive Board.  Dan holds a Professional Project Management (PMP) designation, Information System Professional (I.S.P.) designation, PROSCI Change Management certification and is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).  He holds both a diploma and bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology and a Master’s in Business Administration.

TDM Tips & Tricks: TDM Loader – Smoother Loading with Spreadsheet Templates

Using TDM 3.0.3’s powerful Loader application, you can bring data together in TDM from a myriad of source systems via specially formatted spreadsheets.  Spreadsheet templates that correspond to the Loader’s current ‘staging’ tables are available for download by clicking the Excel icon in the TDM Loader Configuration page.  Access the Loader Configuration page either by:

Clicking the Loader icon in the TDM Home page then, Loader Home, then the Configuration icon, or by

t&t1 t&t2











Clicking the Administrative Tools icon in the TDM Home page, then the Loader Configuration icon.

t&t4 t&t5






Select the Excel icon to download a series of pre-formatted spreadsheets to a temporary directory.  TDM will generate a ZIP file of all the templates corresponding to current staging tables that you may choose to Save or Open.







The current structure of each staging table is reflected in these dynamically generated templates to help ensure that data loads will be successful. After modifying a staging table, it may be helpful to regenerate its template, to both validate that spreadsheets actively in use will still succeed, and to provide data contributors.  The order of columns in the spreadsheet is not important.

t&t7 t&t8










Select and save a copy of the spreadsheet named for the staging table to be loaded into the directory where you normally manage loader data. Two very important consistencies to maintain are keeping the tab name the same as the staging table name, and all of the column names the same as the staging table column names.  To load multiple staging tables with one file, copy multiple tabs from spreadsheets created on these templates into one spreadsheet, ensuring the tab names remain unchanged.

For more information about the use of Dropboxes, the convenience of using generated spreadsheets to correct data errors, and more, please contact us at 303.790.0919 or support@energyiq.info.

Where Can You Find Us?

We’d love to see you in person. EnergyIQ will be attending and sponsoring many coming events. Some of them are listed here. Please come by and say hello.

  • September 13, 2016: PPDM Q3 Data Management Luncheon (Houston TX)
  • September 14, 2016: PPDM Q3 Data Management Luncheon (Calgary AB)
  • September 16, 2016: Houston Energy Breakfast (Houston TX)
  • September 29, 2016: PPDM Data Management Workshop (Denver CO)
  • October 24 – 26, 2016: PPDM Data Management Symposium & Tradeshow (Calgary AB)
  • November 9 – 10, 2016: EnergyIQ 2016 Rendezvous (Houston TX)
  • December 6, 2016: PPDM Houston Luncheon (Houston TX)
  • December 6, 2016: Houston Energy Breakfast (Houston TX)

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