Competitive Intelligence

Drive Competitive Advantage by streaming blended vendor data to applications and analytics platforms

Problem: There has been an explosion in commercial and public data sources, with each individual data set delivering significant value, typically with a niche focus, such as geographic area, business function or historical coverage. E&P companies increasingly need access to the best data available to drive efficiency and establish a competitive advantage, but no single data source offers the best data for every need.

Solution: Competitive Intelligence from EnergyIQ blends the most comprehensive and up-to-date vendor and public data available into a single source based upon advanced business rules set by the user. This data can be delivered directly to analytics and AI platforms, G&G interpretation applications, map interfaces, and business intelligence tools so that all aspects of the business are accessing the same, consistent feed of the most trusted data available.


  • A single source of the most Trusted Data. Blended data from multiple commercial and public sources
  • Scheduled, standards-based data loading.  Establish a common well hierarchy, reference values and coordinate system.
  • Business rules and machine learning. Derive additional value from your investment
  • Rapid integration. Quickly plug-in and deliver new data sources to retain a competitive edge
  • Ability to easily drop data sources. Remove data sources easily without impacting data delivery formats and workflows
  • Next generation visualization. Visual interface that delivers insights on data and data quality
  • Data streaming. Deliver trusted data to analytics and AI platforms, G&G applications, spatial and reporting tools including PowerBI and Spotfire®
  • A dedicated, cloud-hosted solution. Simple, fast deployment and ready access, anywhere

Delivery Platform

All Solutions can be delivered in the Cloud or on premise.

Technology Stack

TDM is the leading E&P master data management platform for managing multiple sources of data to present a single, comprehensive view of the data to your organization.


Automate workflows with EnergyIQ’s event management platform that seamlessly translates events into relevant activity, allowing for real-time data routing and synchronization.


IQinsights provides a single point of access to all relevant and critical well performance information, allowing you to identify, assess and adjust business decisions quickly and cost-effectively.


Key Functionality and Features

Data Sources

  • A single stream of commercial and public data blended using configurable rules
  • Rapid integration of new and emerging data sources
  • Established relationships with leading data vendors with proactive change management

Common. Consistent. Standardized.

  • Consistent Well hierarchy and identification regardless of data source
  • Common reference values for consistent search and reporting
  • Standardized coordinate and units management for spatial accuracy

Data Rules and Validation

  • Validation against a common set of data quality rules
  • Data quality visualization and comparison by source
  • Configuration of custom data quality rules

Third-Party Compatibility

  • Direct delivery to G&G applications including Petrel, Openworks®, Geographix®, Kingdom®, Aries® and Wellview®
  • Spatial layers delivered through an ESRI®
  • map service for GIS display and analysis
  • Object based data stream for consumption by analytics and AI platforms including support for the OSDU initiative

Cloud Based

  • Cloud hosted, managed and monitored solution
  • Dedicated, secure environment
  • Content analysis reports covering well matching, blending history and data quality

Business Intelligence

  • Direct connectivity to BI platforms such as PowerBI, Spotfire®, Tableau® and ESRI® map services

All Solutions

Level 1 - Competitive Intelligence

Level 2 - Well Master

Level 3 - Lifecycle Automation

"Competitive Intelligence from EnergyIQ has significantly reduced the time we spend manipulating spreadsheets and validating data. Now we can focus on what we do best and help create value"

– Vice President A&D, Independent E&P Company

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