Excited for the Future of EnergyIQ and Working Together in the New Year!

By Mike Skeffington

Is it really December already?  The way time flies when you’re having fun, this year must have been a blast!  2019 was a year of rapid growth and transformation for EnergyIQ.  We expanded our solution offering in multiple dimensions, grew the team in every office, nearly doubled the number of customers, and had more ‘go-live’ events than ever before. A few of our 2019 highlights include:

  • We acquired and integrated the petroWEB EDB and Navigator platforms into TDM and IQinsights, extending the solutions and empowering users with new and powerful workflows.
  • We have new customers in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and China.
  • We have new partnerships with commercial data providers P2, TGS and WhiteStar, bolstering our integration capabilities.
  • The IQexchange platform has been enhanced with off-the-shelf Agents for Aries®, WellView®, OpenWorks®, Kingdom®, Geographix® and Petrel®.
  • Our new website launched with a fresh, new design and detailed information about our Solutions, Technology Stack and more.

In addition, EnergyIQ hosted our 7th annual Rendezvous and Innovation Forum in October in both Houston and Calgary.  Clearly, we struck a chord with the theme because we had the largest attendance ever! Although maybe it also had something to do with the amazing line up of presentations and panel discussions from data providers and solution partners including Microsoft, INT, ESRI, Energistics, Darcy Partners, Belmont Technology, and more.  We’re already planning for next year (September), and hope you can join us as we bring together operators and strategic partners to share ideas and discuss the trends shaping information management in the E&P industry.

2020 looks to be a strong year for the industry. More and more solution providers are trying to solve critical data challenges in the E&P space. Advancements in new technologies like Elastic Search, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning will play a prominent role. While we continue to innovate and invest in new technologies, EnergyIQ continues to enable our customers with the foundation for high quality data. Having been focused exclusively in oil and gas data management since our inception in 2007, EnergyIQ is extremely well positioned to deliver solutions the industry needs.  We are excited for the future of EnergyIQ and look forward to working with you all in the year to come.


Well Master for Small Business

EnergyIQ’s Well Master solution is the industry’s leading platform for automating the capture, quality control, and management of multiple sources of well and technical data across the full Well lifecycle. Used by a large number of Majors and Independents for many years, the EnergyIQ Well Master has earned its reputation as the premier data management solution for oil and gas companies.

Effective data management is, however, just as important for smaller operators with regionally focused assets. These companies face the same challenges to increase efficiency that requires access to trusted Well data. The EnergyIQ Well Master solution is scalable to deliver the same enterprise data management capability suitable for the needs of medium and small sized operators.

Compared to globally-integrated majors or multi-basin large independents, smaller operators typically have the same data management challenges, however their operations involve fewer wells and generate lower volumes of data. In addition, smaller operators without a full-time data manager or limited IT staff need solutions that can be deployed with a high degree of automation. The EnergyIQ Well Master can be deployed on-premise or to the Cloud with automated data loading, validation and integration, combined with remote monitoring to minimize the need for manual intervention. Operators can spend their time using the data rather than managing it.

The EnergyIQ Well Master establishes the definitive source of Well information for the smaller operator that is used for reporting, analytics, and workflow optimization.  Data types managed include Well Header, logs, surveys, cores, production and facilities.

The EnergyIQ Well Master is already trusted by large operators, making this scalable solution a proven, low-risk well data management platform for smaller companies.


Transformational Search Performance

EnergyIQ manages multiple data types and sources across the full Well lifecycle for oil and gas companies. Several years ago, we experienced query performance issues with our traditional PPDM based relational model approach due to the explosion in data volume and complexity.

We made the decision to pivot the data from PPDM into an ElasticSearch index as a series of connected JSON Data Objects for query purposes. The impact was immediate and transformational in terms of end-user search performance, functionality, and flexibility. More recently, we have extended our search platform to combine the advanced spatial search capability of Elastic with the industry leading GIS visualization tools from ESRI.

The Elastic organization was very impressed with our IQinsights solution and is working with us to further improve performance and scalability, as well as the integration of advanced visualization tools using the Kibana platform.

Steve Cooper recently presented with Elastic at the Microsoft Energy conference in Calgary and has been invited to present more on this topic at the upcoming Elastic{ON} Denver Tour, Wednesday, January 22, 2020.  For more details and to register click here.


Meet The Team:  Ryan Carter

In September 2019, Ryan Carter joined the EnergyIQ family as an IT Administrator.  With the increasing growth of EnergyIQ, there was a great need to assist with IT duties, as well as plan and execute the development of a network strategy and management of our resources.  This includes a corporate WAN that encompasses all EnergyIQ locations, improved accessibility for remote users, disaster recovery plans, cloud management and merged domain resources.  Ryan has been working diligently towards this goal for the past months while also familiarizing himself with EnergyIQ’s technologies.

Ryan went to the Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario where he was born and raised.  He studied Computer Networking Technology and GIS Applications, Remote Sensing and GPS technology.  Upon graduating, Ryan looked to gather work experience in the north where he was employed at a zinc mine located on northern Baffin Island.  When the cold became too much, Ryan relocated to the balmy climate of Calgary, Alberta.

For the last 17 years, Ryan has called Calgary home.  He has worked most of those years at Altus Geomatics and Warrior Rig Technologies in roles similar to his duties at EnergyIQ.  He met his wife, Shilo, in Calgary, and they now have 4 children: a 12-year old son, twin 10-year old girls, and an 8-year old son.  When he’s not doing domestic chores or helping the kids with schoolwork assignments, Ryan is an avid Oilers fan (much to the chagrin of his in-laws).

Meet The Team:  Bay Luangpakdy

Bay Luangpakdy started at EnergyIQ’s Houston office October 2019 as a Solutions Architect to provide support for EnergyIQ’s clients. He began working on IQinsights and was able to quickly complete and deliver his first project in just a few weeks. His work was recognized by EnergyIQ managers and his peers. He endures big challenges, enjoys solving complex problems, and is always passionate about learning new things.

Bay is a Software Developer by nature and has been an IT professional in the Oil and Gas industry for more than 25 years. He worked at IHS Markit, TGS, petroWEB, and NOV. He held multiple roles such as Geoscience Technician, Data Management Coordinator, Senior Developer, and Lead Software Engineer. He has extensive experience in Well Headers, Well Logs, Completions and Production Data, Directional Survey, and Fatigue data for Coiled Tubing technology. He has been involved in multiple processes of software design, software development, data integrations, and project planning. Prior to joining EnergyIQ, he was with NOV/CTES for four years, responsible for architecting, designing, and developing the latest cloud infrastructure for CTES Cerberus software.

Besides coding, reading, and learning about the latest and greatest technologies, Bay likes to golf and spend quality time with his family, traveling to exotic places such as the Bahamas, Aruba, Alaska, and Disney World. He believes that following these three basic rules has helped him to be very successful in his endeavors: “Be Patient, Be Passionate, and Be Optimistic”.

TDM Tips & Tricks:  Creating and Managing Filters in IQinsights

Preserving criteria in filter sets to share and re-use is a time-saving navigation aid in the IQinsights application. While it is helpful to manage data by sharing lists of wells and entities, saved Filter Sets allows for a continuous reassessment of wells and entities that satisfy characteristics of interest.

Filter Sets in IQinsights behave much like the Saved Queries function in TDM. To create a filter set, Launch IQinsights for the type of Entity you are filtering (here Well Headers) and select values from the defined buckets in the Quick Filters tab. To select more than one filter value for an attribute, toggle the checkbox mode, select all desired values to add for that attribute and Apply. The selected values will immediately filter the highly indexed data as they are selected.


Once the result set reflects the type of entities you wish the filter set to regularly retrieve, click the SAVE button to preserve this filter set and share with colleagues. This saved Filter Set will appear in the Filters & Lists tags and hovering next to the Filter set will present a three-dot icon that offers a series of choices for using and managing the Filter Set.

Applying the Filter Set will retrieve a refreshed group of entities, in any of the IQinsights Grids or Map views. Click the Filter Set name to reveal its Criteria, and even select additional criteria, then re-Save the Filter set to reflect this updated filtering.








To learn more about creating and managing filters, please contact us at 303.790.0919 or support@energyiq.info.

Where Can You Find Us?

We’d love to see you in person. EnergyIQ will be attending, presenting and sponsoring many coming events. Some of them are listed here. Let us know if there are any events that you think we should attend, and please come by and say hello.

  • January 14, 2020: PPDM Data Management Luncheon Houston TX
  • January 22, 2020: Elastic{ON} Denver Tour Denver CO
  • February 3-7, 2020: NAPE Summit Houston TX
  • February 5, 2020: PPDM Data Management Luncheon Calgary AB
  • February 11, 2020: PPDM Data Management Luncheon Denver CO
  • February 25, 2020: PPDM Dallas/Ft. Worth Petroleum Data Workshop
  • March 31-April 1, 2020: PPDM Houston Petroleum Professional Data Expo

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