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Implementation, Consulting and Maintenance

EnergyIQ helps customers implement our Solutions and generate a step-change in their business by dramatically increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Our Expert Services are prepared to help you deliver that change, meet your objectives and accelerate benefits across the business.


EnergyIQ has a 100% implementation success rate since 2013.

At EnergyIQ we know that successful projects are highly dependent on the teams that implement them. EnergyIQ staffs our projects with qualified professionals that have strong industry knowledge and many years of experience. EnergyIQ has successfully implemented 100’s of projects using a proven methodology to guide a project team from kick-off to implementation, deployment, and operational support. Our team of experts is ready to take on your project including:

  • Solution analysis and design
  • Project planning and governance
  • Data management best practices
  • Data migration planning and validation
  • Integration design and implementation
  • Workflow process design and automation
  • GIS design and implementation
  • User and administrative training
  • Much more

Many organizations are dealing with smaller teams and an influx of tasks that need to be performed to manage a comprehensive data service. With EnergyIQ managed services, you have access to a remote specialized support team with broad experience across many data activities. EnergyIQ’s managed services provide remote hands for activities including the following:

  • System Monitoring – Monitor system and application availability and health
  • Data Validation and Quality – Monitor data loads, validate and correct failed loads, measure and report quality
  • Configuration – Perform system configuration and minor enhancements such as custom views and adjusting blending rules
  • Data Loading – Load data such as directional surveys, well logs, core, and other data types in multiple formats
  • Vendor Data Loading and Monitoring – Perform daily loads of vendor data for well, production and more from IHS, Enervus DrillingInfo, TGS, RS Energy, P2, etc.

The EnergyIQ team has experience working with a broad set of data types and applications. Using this expertise, EnergyIQ offers a wide range of data management services, including:

  • Migration from legacy applications (Recall, Finder, etc.)
  • Load and organize well logs and resolve quality issues
  • Discover, consolidate and organize network folder storage systems
  • Standardize file naming and folder hierarchy and taxonomy
  • Extract, transform and load data to and from GG&E applications including Petra, Kingdom®, OpenWorks®, Petrel, etc.
  • Clean, QC, consolidate, and organize multiple data types like core images, core x-ray scans, production data, injection and test data, etc.
  • Discover and load physical media (digital well data)

After having performed over 100 data management projects, we know a thing or two about the data that drives the E&P industry. Many of our customers tell us we know their data better than they do.

For those customers that leverage EnergyIQ’s software applications in a SaaS model, EnergyIQ can also provide a new service we call Data as a Service (DaaS). EnergyIQ’s expert team will manage your data – hosted in the cloud, outsourced and simple. With DaaS, you can depend on having the best data at your fingertips at all times. Our team will load, clean, validate, repair, and resolve your data challenges.

Customer Support

The E&P world is very dynamic, creating opportunities for using our solutions in new ways. Our customer support team is ready to help you with all your support needs including:

  • Product help and issue resolution
  • Workflow reviews and recommendations
  • Data Management reviews and best practices
  • Integration issue resolution

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“The EnergyIQ team knew more about my data than my own team.”

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