Automated Well Data Synchronization

IQexchange™ is EnergyIQ’s platform to synchronize and transform well data between the Well Master and corporate applications used across the well lifecycle, including geoscience interpretation. IQexchange provides real-time data routing and synchronization so you always have the most complete, consistent and comprehensive information available in all your critical applications.

Take immediate action from real-time information, events and activities. IQexchange, seamlessly translates these events into relevant activity, allowing for real-time data routing and synchronization to occur. IQexchange integrates with many of the industry-leading applications.  The open platform allows for configuration of data flows and the creation of integrations to proprietary applications and databases.

Whether you need to share geoscience data across an asset team, or automate corporate data flows between enterprise applications, in today’s uncertain oil and gas world, time really is money. Getting different applications to access and share the same common data can be a difficult, manual, time intensive, and error prone activity, leading to poor data quality and inaccurate or delayed decisions. IQexchange can automatically synchronize the data currently stranded in application silos or ‘islands’, increase data quality, make business processes more efficient, and empower better decisions and worker productivity.


  • Stay Current. Keep projects updated with the most current data available
  • Automate Data Flows. Seamlessly transfer data between applications
  • Share and Sync. Easily share and transfer data between geoscience projects
  • Gain Visibility. Quickly access and visualize all your data within your projects
  • Create Confidence. Get the best information from your available data in real-time
  • Increase productivity. People can spend more time analyzing, and spend less searching, preparing and cleaning data
  • Easy integration. IQexchange includes pre-built application connectors for your most used applications
  • Coordinate data between applications. Automatically synchronize data between critical applications, to ensure everyone is using the same information
  • Reduce errors. Automate error-prone activities and workflows
  • High performance work teams. Increase data sharing and collaboration

Key Functionality and Features


Automated Data Transfers

IQexchange can be setup to transfer data based on an event (e.g. updated data) or set to transfer data based on a recurring schedule (e.g. every night).


On-Demand Transfers

Users (or administrators) can selectively push data to applications or synchronize back to the Well Master on-demand.


Configurable Data Flows

Define the attributes and data types to transfer

G&G Data Types

Synchronization is not limited to well header, but includes the ability to transfer G&G data such as logs, tops, surveys, cores, etc.


Specific Well Critera

Leverage TDM and IQinsights search capabilities to define a well list or saved query of wells that meet criteria for transferring.



System monitoring, job status, and error resolution is easily managed to ensure successful data transfers.

Technology Stack

Trusted Data Manager™ (TDM)



“Users are able to gain immediate access to the most complete and reliable data available whereas it might have previously taken them days to build and validate the same data set.”

– Vice President A&D, Independent E&P Company

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