Discover, visualize and analyze the most trusted well data available

IQinsights provides enhanced search, visualization and insights into data mastered in Trusted Data Manager (TDM).  This powerful web-based application also integrates disparate data stores across the organization, providing a comprehensive view of well and additional data types.

Now data from the EnergyIQ Well Master, documents in an enterprise record management system, real-time measurement data, legacy well data stored in proprietary data stores, and additional data types such as facilities and seismic, can be accessed through a unified Interface.  Reports, dashboards and map integration provide valuable insights and context of the data.  The aggregated data set can be delivered to powerful analytics and business intelligence tools.


  • Enterprise data access. The ability to view different types and sources of enterprise data through a unified interface
  • Unlock legacy data. Provide access to legacy data that is typically hidden behind an outdated user interface
  • Critical insights. Advanced visualization tools can be used to present the data through a map interface, charts, graphs, and third-party tools
  • Data validation. The EnergyIQ data validation tools can be applied to any data regardless of its source or its type
  • Faster and better decisions. Users can trust the data and spend their time on analysis rather than trying to find the right data and then validate and convert it to a format they can use
  • Better asset management. Integrate data from across the full Well lifecycle to streamline business processes and workflows. This provides the foundation for reducing the time to first oil and gas production
  • Reduced risk. Having access to the most trusted data reduces the risk of poor decisions being made. Certainty in current reporting and access to historical data is critical for operating companies
  • Lower capital cost. The ability to integrate data from multiple sources and applications into a single corporate data store provides significant opportunity for consolidation and cost reduction

Key Functionality and Features

Lightning Fast

IQinsights leverage an industry leading Search & Analytics Engine (Elasticsearch) to organize and return search results against millions of records in seconds.

Advanced Search

IQinsights enables users to combine both map-based and attribute-based queries against huge volumes of data in near real-time.

  • Keyword searches across data domains
  • Quick filters to drill-down and find specific data sets
  • User-defined (and saved) queries for advanced attribute searching
  • Map-based selection to define AOI

Reports and Data Visualization

Sophisticated dashboard functionality enables companies to aggregate data and present it in ways that makes sense to the business.

  • Customizable data grids and views
  • TDM Well Reports (Production, Surveys, Logs, etc.)
  • Map-based views and GIS integration

Data Workflows

Export data for use in analytics, geoscience or other applications.  Link to TDM’s edit, blending and other data enrichment tools.


Seamless Interface with Analytics Platforms

Combine the performance of the IQinsights platform with the visualization and analytics capability of PowerBI, Spotfire®, Tableau®, and other tools.


Data Federation from Multiple Sources

Index data from multiple sources to present a consistent and comprehensive view of enterprise data to the end users.

Data Quality Results Analysis

Data quality results can be displayed for all query results and isolated to identify specific problems and faster resolution.


Data Security

Restrict who has access to what data by role and function to protect new projects or tight wells.

Configurable User Access

Users can customize their view of data, saving queries for reuse and setting default characteristics.

Technology Stack

Trusted Data Manager™ (TDM)



"The IQinsights platform allows us to tie together enterprise information in a flexible manner that was not previously possible."

– Vice President A&D, Independent E&P Company

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