Lifecycle Automation

Boost E&P Enterprise Productivity and Efficiency by automating workflows and business processes

Problem. E&P companies struggle to maintain consistent well data across the entire Enterprise. As a well moves through its lifecycle (e.g. from planning to drilling to production) new, updated and modified data is introduced into specific applications and databases. These data silos prevent the automation of workflows and data movement resulting in business process inefficiency, reporting challenges and decision risk.

Solution. Lifecycle Automation is EnergyIQ’s enterprise Solution for automating workflows and business processes across the E&P enterprise. We have developed a proven approach for capturing the business rules that automate the movement of a Well through the phases of the Well Lifecycle. These business rules represent the critical business knowledge of the organization and are defined and managed within Lifecycle Automation while fully leveraging all the benefits of the Competitive Intelligence and Well Master solutions. Lifecycle Automation enables companies to grow value by shortening the time to first production and improving operational efficiency.



  • Enterprise knowledge capture. Build the knowledge of the business into the rules over time to enhance productivity and ensure that it is not lost from the organization
  • Automated Well generation. Create a new Well in the Well Master based upon key events that also automate the flow of the Well through the defined Well Lifecycle phases
  • Boost enterprise productivity and efficiency. Automated, event-driven data movement and generation to streamline workflows and reduce risk by eliminating manual, error-prone processes
  • Increased organizational effectiveness. Team members are automatically notified of tasks that require their attention reducing downtime
  • Faster and better decisions. Configurable business rules applied to workflows ensure an immediate and consistent response

Delivery Platform

All Solutions can be delivered in the Cloud or on premise.

Technology Stack

TDM is the leading E&P master data management platform for managing multiple sources of data to present a single, comprehensive view of the data to your organization.


Automate workflows with EnergyIQ’s event management platform that seamlessly translates events into relevant activity, allowing for real-time data routing and synchronization.


IQinsights provides a single point of access to all relevant and critical well performance information, allowing you to identify, assess and adjust business decisions quickly and cost-effectively.


Key Functionality and Features

Automated Workflows

Event-driven execution of business rules initiates the synchronization and generation of data to support workflow automation.


Asset Team Notification

Configure business rules to notify Team Members when a response is required to a lifecycle event.

Trust Matrix

Configure the system of record (SOR) for master attributes across Well lifecycle applications and capture the synchronization rules based upon the lifecycle phase.


Application Synchronization

Synchronize well header data across lifecycle applications based upon the rules defined for the SOR Matrix.

Business Rules

Capture the knowledge of the organization.

Better Analytics

Use consistent, comprehensive, and quality data across the enterprise to empower faster and more accurate decision making.

All Solutions

Level 1 - Competitive Intelligence

Level 2 - Well Master

Level 3 - Lifecycle Automation

“Having access to a single source of the most current data reduces the time to first oil and is critical for accurate reporting and auditing”

– VP Reservoir Engineering, Large Independent

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