By Mike Skeffington

Hi everyone. It’s hard to believe 2016 has gone by so quickly, and is coming to an end! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a few moments to show thanks for two groups of people that shaped EnergyIQ this year.

First, I’d like to thank our customers. We have the greatest customers you could ever imagine. In fact, our very first customer from 2008 is still working with us as they continue to grow and mature their data management strategy. We’ve also been fortunate enough to have several new customers in 2016 choose to include EnergyIQ as their data management partner. Our customers present us with positive feedback, and constructive criticism to help us make that extra push. We’re thankful that we can continue to provide solutions and grow our customer relationships in the tough market that has defined 2016.

I’d also like to thank all the people that turn the gears at EnergyIQ. Like our customers, the people that work at EnergyIQ make this company what it is. They are innovative, collaborative, thoughtful, work crazy hours, and are always thinking about how to make the software and customer experience better. With our team working closely together with our customers, our solutions have been enhanced with many new benefits and capabilities this year. And we have big plans for 2017 and beyond!

They say that you are the average of the people you spend the most time with. I guess that’s why I’m thankful that our customers and employees are exceptional. Thank you all, and have a great finish to the year!


EnergyIQ Rendezvous Recap

By Mike Skeffington

We just wrapped up our 4th annual EnergyIQ Rendezvous User Group meeting in Houston on November 9-10. This year’s event was the biggest and best yet! During the two days, we presented our company strategy and product roadmap, and demonstrated some key enhancements coming in the 2016.2 version of our TDM software – soon to be released.

Our company strategy hasn’t wavered, and we continue to be very committed to solving the most demanding challenges related to managing and mastering E&P data across the enterprise. As the industry continues to evolve, so do the challenges. The Trusted Data Manager (TDM) software platform is designed to evolve with your data management strategy and maturity. One of the biggest challenges today is doing more with less. Most companies have gone through reductions, and for some, it may not be over. It’s unlikely that companies will ever staff back up to levels seen not very long ago.

The key to doing more with less is automation, and we believe the digital revolution that has been prominent in other industries, has finally arrived in E&P. TDM is squarely positioned in the center of this revolution.  We continue to invest in the development and enhancement of TDM as a platform. Product plans for 2017 include strategic investment in three important areas: Usability, Integration, and Maintainability. We will focus on making it simpler to find data with better workflows and fewer clicks, as well as enhancing the IQexchange integration platform. We’re also investing in managing data “events”, enabling workflow automation, ensuring data quality, and supporting additional operational data, such as land and facilities.

We took the stage to demonstrate exciting new capabilities. One of the important enhancements coming in 2016.2 is a new automated spreadsheet mapping utility. This new tool will make it far simpler to load data from spreadsheets. We know you have spreadsheets from many different sources, and it seems like they’re never the same. Now you can easily map them to the TDM Loader, set it, and forget it.

Probably the biggest crowd pleasing demo was our newest family member, IQsearch. IQsearch is wicked fast, allowing a user to search the entire PPDM database for any data element in just a few milliseconds – yes, milliseconds! IQsearch will enable users to search for groups of wells, report on individual wells or specific data about any given well, and wells with specific log curves, plot it all on a map, chart production data, and more. This powerful new software will be released in Q1, 2017, and will prove to be a great companion to any TDM installation.

We were also very pleased and fortunate that four of our customers presented during the two days. As usual, the customer presentations were among the Rendezvous highlights. This year we heard from:

  • Concho Resources: The Business Case for Integrating and Mastering Well Data in TDM
  • BP: Blending DrillingInfo Data with IHS Data
  • Laredo Energy: The Value of Information Certainty: Implementing Spotfire on TDM
  • Marathon Oil: Marathon’s Well Master Road Map – The Evolution of a Corporate Well Master

We hope to see you at next year’s EnergyIQ Rendezvous!

EnergyIQ Quality Assurance

By Mark Baden

In the past 18 months, the Quality Assurance efforts at EnergyIQ have been expanded throughout the entire Agile Development process in order to provide a much higher quality of product at all levels.

The QA process is integrated into all stages of the product delivery process. QA professionals actively participate in story development with product management and design efforts with technical leads, in order to assure that all team members maintain a focus on product quality.  Daily engagement including face-to-face time with developers, ensures that our QA team has eyes on product enhancements and new features as soon as possible. This tight binding between our developers and QA professionals improves their mutual understanding of product changes, and lowers the cost of any software defects by catching them as early as possible, sometimes before the developer is even finished with the change.

Testing of our products is always done in an “as-deployed” environment within our Product Development infrastructure in order to ensure we are testing software as if it was deployed in a client environment. We test and deploy in both Oracle and SQL Server.

UAT (User Acceptance Testing) efforts by our Services team also ensure that we gain a level of testing from a more client-oriented perspective, and enables the Services team to champion each of our clients’ wants and needs in our software releases.

The Product Development team performs weekly demonstrations of new functionality and enhancements in order to ensure that our Product Management and Client Services representatives can provide feedback much earlier in the development cycle.

Automated testing has also become a key component in our expanding QA initiative.  To increase Quality Assurance consistency and thoroughness for increasingly complex software, we have added three types of automated testing suites:

  • An application-wide automated smoke test to cover all front-end user interface workflows and logic has been created using Watir Weblogic as a browser engine and coded in Ruby.
  • A test suite to cover all API functionality in TDM and IQexchange has been added using the RestUI (formerly SoapUI) software suite.
  • We have also added a set of automated tests that have the ability to check the “health” of our databases using a testing tool called DBfit.

On top of the automated testing suites, we also now perform daily builds of both database and application software to ensure that we validate all version upgrades and application changes through a deployment in a standard benchmark environment.

As we move forward, our goal at EnergyIQ is to always to find ways to innovate and improve the Quality Assurance coverage of all our software products throughout the product delivery chain.

WML Enhancements & Benefits

By Amelia Webster

EnergyIQ offers a suite of tools for loading data into the PPDM data model. Users can load data interactively via the TDM Loader, use staging tables for ETL integrations, or use one of two options, PIrls or WML (Well Markup Loader), to automate loading of IHS data. Our older loader PIrls is a workhorse, but is based on older technology and requires a series of PIDM derived physical files to be delivered from HIS, and run daily in the order issued. When loading production data via PIrls, customers must also run a volume data transformation to fully populate PPDM volume data. Missing a file in the sequence can pose serious data quality issues if not remediated prior to processing the next issued series of files. The PIrls file format is static, and though IHS continues to deliver these data files, no modifications or new data types have been offered in many years.

WML is EnergyIQ’s loader for the IHS EnerdeqML data stream. Data delivered via EnerdeqML matches what customers see or download from the IHS Enerdeq browser, and covers all commonly populated fields in the familiar 297 & 298 export and Scout ticket formats. EnergyIQ’s loader for EnerdeqML uses a process similar to the TDM Loader, placing data into staging tables and then either merging data with existing database records or inserting the new data. The mappings from the XML-format data stream into staging tables is managed by easily configurable mapping files, rather than using compiled code. This allows EnergyIQ to quickly respond to changes in the IHS data stream or configure the mapping to suit customer-specific business needs.

WML processing extracts live data from IHS, so the information is always current reducing the risk of a missed or mis-delivered file causing ripples in later data loads. The WML database tracks a Currency Date for each data type (Well, Unallocated & Allocated Production), allowing easy recovery from system outages or disruptions in the data feed. The process of backfilling to populate newly delivered attributes, though still time-consuming, is far less complicated than modifying or obtaining a newly generated baseload set of physical files as is necessary to accommodate PIrls changes.

Over the last 8 months, EnergyIQ has added over 100 new and 39 updated mappings to enhance the data now being delivered by the EnerdeqML data stream. The flexibility to respond to changes in the data feed, the ability to backfill for new attributes, rapid recovery from missed data or system outages, and better performance achieved by processing through staging tables, makes WML a robust and powerful tool for automating IHS data loading. Please contact the EnergyIQ services department at support@energyiq.info for release notes or further information on WML.

Meet The Team

Mark Baden

Mark Baden leads the Software Quality Assurance initiative at EnergyIQ, bringing over 16 years of experience in software quality assurance.  He leverages a unique blend of both technical and project experience, and has a passion for implementing and integrating quality practices needed to deliver a superior software product.

Before joining EnergyIQ, Mark led the QA implementation efforts for development teams at both Vintri Technologies and Cole International.  Prior to that, Mark spent 10 years as SQA Lead on development teams for ADP, DO2 technologies, Clarkston Consulting & QCdata.  A highlight moment in his career included implementing the main QA practices and procedures for a G.I.S. department at Commonwealth Edison, an electrical company in Chicago.  When he’s not working, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife, friends and godchildren, as well as gardening when the weather permits.

TDM Tips & Tricks:  Personalizing Results Views

Did you know you can interactively design the columns and sorting you prefer for the Quick Search and Query results views?

Use the Column Selection icon (red circled) at the top right of each results view to select the columns of data you prefer to see in each Data View. Within the results grid, drag and drop to reorder columns of result data. Be sure to click Save Preferences from the column selection menu once you have completed setting up your preferences for how TDM should display that Data View. Each time you choose that Data View, the columns and ordering will reflect your viewing preferences. To reset to the defaults for a Data View, choose Reset Preferences from the same menu.

The Reset Sort icon (blue circled) allows you to clear the default view sort. Use the funnel icon on each column to apply filters, and select column sort orders by clicking on a column header to iterate through ascending, descending, or no sorting. The results above are sorted by ascending Spud Date.

For more information about Personalizing Results Views and more, please contact us at 303.790.0919 or support@energyiq.info.

Where Can You Find Us?

We’d love to see you in person. EnergyIQ will be attending and sponsoring many coming events. Some of them are listed here. Please come by and say hello.

  • November 23, 2016: DAMA Calgary Association Chapter Meeting Sponsor (Calgary AB)
  • December 1, 2016: EnergyIQ 2016 Calgary Rendezvous (Calgary AB)
  • December 6, 2016: PPDM Houston Luncheon (Houston TX)
  • December 6, 2016: Houston Energy Breakfast (Houston TX)
  • December 13, 2016: PPDM Denver Luncheon (Denver CO)
  • February 28 – March 1, 2017: PPDM Houston Data Management Symposium & Tradeshow (Houston TX)
  • May 16 – 18, 2017: PNEC Conference (Houston TX)

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