Competitive IntelligenceCompetitive Intelligence

Knowledge is Your Competitive Advantage

Evaluating the results from offset wells and reservoirs is key to optimizing drilling and completions programs, increasing recoveries and enhancing asset value.  Recent advances in data science combined with a technology revolution have resulted in new and exciting sources of information.

Competitive Intelligence from EnergyIQ provides you with fully blended access to the best and most innovative data available directly to your business applications.

Competitive Advantage Benefits:

  • A single source of the most trusted data blended from multiple vendor and public sources.
  • Standards-based loading to establish a common well hierarchy, reference values, and coordinate system.
  • Business rules and machine learning applied to derive additional value from your investment.
  • Rapid integration and delivery of new data sources to retain a competitive edge.
  • Next generation visualization interface that delivers insights on data and data quality.
  • Data streaming to analytics platforms, G&G applications, spatial, and reporting tools including PowerBI.
  • A dedicated, cloud-hosted solution for fast deployment and ready access, anywhere.
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