Designed for the Geoscientist.

Built on the robust foundation of Trusted Data Manager (TDM), IQgeoscience gives you the ability to load and manage geoscience data from any source including commercial providers, partners, state government, and your proprietary data. This includes well and production data, logs, directional surveys, formation picks, frac/stimulation data, documents, and more. Through aggregation and blending process, your geoscientists are able to confirm the certainty of the data they have loaded, resulting in the most trusted information.

As data is loaded into TDM and assigned a unique EKey identifier and validated for accuracy, each source then goes through EnergyIQ’s patent-pending aggregation and blending process to create the well hierarchy. The well hierarchy is built according to PPDM’s “What is a Well?” definition, and uniquely identifies the well and all its related components such as wellbores and completions. EnergyIQ’s data blending utilizes business and data governance rules—configured by you—to prioritize and promote attributes from multiple versions records to create one gold standard record at all levels of the well hierarchy. The final blended data is integrated into your geoscientists’ systems, giving them all access to the same fully blended and consistently accurate data.

IQgeoscience benefits:

  • Easily load data from multiple sources and multiple formats including:  Drillinginfo, IHS, TGS, RS Energy, BSEE, EGI and all of your proprietary applications
  • Aggregation and blending builds the well hierarchy and results in one trusted master record for each well
  • Advanced Query Builder, Export Manager and List Manager allow you to customize the way you search, view and export data, getting exactly what you need for your project
  • Simple user interface to manage and configure asset specific data governance rules, policies, and standards
  • Alias Manager, Editor and the Rules Engine provide you with consistent data and improves the quality and maturity of the data across the data management continuum
  • Allows your geoscientists to easily share data, queries, lists, and reports, ensuring accuracy of decisions across all assets
  • Web services enable easy integration with 3rd party applications and data sources

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