Drive productivity and efficiency by automating E&P business processes.

IQlifecycle is the best solution for increasing your productivity and efficiency. IQlifecycle automates essential business processes over the life of the well, using configurable rules and sophisticated event monitoring. Built on EnergyIQ’s foundation technology – the Trusted Data Manager (TDM) – IQlifecycle links information from multiple systems across the well lifecycle, making it possible for your cross-functional team to collaborate in real time, using trusted data. TDM combines innovative data management tools with sophisticated software capabilities to create an enterprise well hierarchy across all assets. Your critical business processes function across the life of an asset, from conception, to drilling, production and eventually P&A; IQlifecycle’s event-driven process automation eliminates non-productive time, reduces errors, ensures high-quality data, and empowers your analytics.

IQlifecycle benefits:

  • Turn your corporate well data into actions and results
  • Automate business process workflows across functional disciplines
  • Present a single business view of the well and related information
  • Systematically link information across enterprise applications throughout the well lifecycle
  • Highlight Well Performance KPI’s
  • Provide insights to operational efficiencies or gaps across all assets
  • Streamline process and data flows between corporate applications
  • Enforce data governance and quality policies
  • Extend the value of existing IT infrastructure
Well Lifecycle Automation
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