Trusted Data Manager (TDM)Trusted Data Manager™

Reduce Decision Risk

EnergyIQ’s Trusted Data Manager™ (TDM) is the foundation for trust in your E&P data, and is the base upon which all EnergyIQ’s solutions are built. Developed on a unique well hierarchy-based approach, TDM provides easy access to comprehensive and integrated data across the full well lifecycle. TDM stores data at multiple levels such as well, wellbore, wellbore segment and completion, tracking the history of a well from planning through drilling and production.

  • Built on modern web architecture for adaptability, integration, lower maintenance costs and scalability
  • Establishes, manages and maintains relationships between the well and all its components
  • Aggregates information as it is loaded, automatically applying business rules to create master well records
  • Capable of loading and managing thousands of daily record updates from commercial sources, partners, state government sources and proprietary data
  • Easy to use browser to search, find and export data


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