EnergyIQ in the Home Stretch of a Record-Setting Year!

By Brandon Schroeder

Now that summer is winding down, the year-end will be here before we know it!  EnergyIQ is excited to be heading into the home stretch of a record-setting year.   We’ve been busy over the summer, here are a few highlights:

  • Steve Cooper, CEO, was presented with the Philip C. Crouse Cornerstone Award, which recognizes industry professionals who have made significant contributions in technical data management.
  • We recently released the 2019.1 version of TDM, IQinsights and IQexchange with the Release Party Webinar held in mid-August.  If you missed it, a recorded session is available.
  • We extended partnerships with commercial data providers, P2 and TGS, bolstering our integration capabilities.
  • We signed several long-term agreements with new clients
  • And we just released our new website which includes new content, success stories, white papers and more.

We have several events and activities lined up in the next few months.   Be on the lookout for another webinar and if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for our annual Rendezvous and Innovation Forum.


Register Now!  Rendezvous and Innovation Forum:

Double Down on Digitalization

Our 7th Annual Rendezvous and Innovation Forum brings together thought leaders to discuss the impact of digital technology on the oil and gas industry today and the emerging trends that are shaping the future. The annual event includes guest speakers, strategic partners, demonstrations, and panel discussions in an interactive forum. You will meet many of your peers from other operators and learn how leading E&P companies are managing and leveraging the proliferation of data and new technologies.

During this two-day event, software advances will be demonstrated, and customers will be involved in an open dialog to define the roadmap for the industry’s leading E&P data management solutions.  The Rendezvous this year will be October 1 – 2 in Houston at Marathon Oil’s corporate office.  Click here to register.  Hope to see you there!

EnergyIQ 2019.1 Release Party Webinar

We held the EnergyIQ 2019.1 Release Party Webinar on Wednesday, August 21st.  The webinar provided an exclusive, customer-only preview of the newly released versions of TDM, IQexchange and IQinsights. Many of the new capabilities and features that were demonstrated were based on customer feedback and guidance we receive at the annual EnergyIQ Rendezvous.Some of the new features from TDM, IQexchange and IQinsights which were highlighted included:

  • Loader Quarantine
  • New Commercial Data Loader
  • Managing New Log and Document Types
  • HUGE Advancements for IQexchange and IQinsights
  • Architecture underpinnings for Cloud Support
  • And More…

A recording of the webinar was captured if you missed out.  Contact Brandon Schroeder,, if you’d like a link to the recording.  To gain insight into the upcoming release, 2019.2 and the future roadmap, please sign up for our Annual Rendezvous and Innovation Forum, more information above.

Integrating petroWEB Applications AND Customers

In February 2019, EnergyIQ completed the acquisition of the data management and data integration platforms from petroWEB.  In addition to the feature-rich suite of applications, EnergyIQ acquired an impressive international client list.

Over the last several months, EnergyIQ has been working diligently to incorporate many of the advanced petroWEB features into the EnergyIQ solutions.  Equally important, we’ve welcomed and worked with the heritage petroWEB clients, sharing plans and vision for integration and transition.  As such, the client excitement around the EnergyIQ acquisition was greater than anticipated and client commitment exceeded expectations.

On the technology-side, the synergies between petroWEB Enterprise DB (EDB) and EnergyIQ TDM have allowed for quick integration of features and a clear transition path to the TDM well data management platform.  Already incorporated into TDM are the advanced data export workflows and formats found in EDB.  The initial EDB to TDM transition release (2019.2) is planned for the end of the third quarter.

EnergyIQ’s IQinsights application is incorporating many features found in the petroWEB Navigator integration platform.  The current IQinsights release (2019.1) has built-in many of the Navigator GIS (map-based) workflows including support of external map services. The roadmap for IQinsights will continue to incorporate additional Navigator integration workflows, making it one of the most comprehensive search, map and analysis web portals.

For additional details and information about the petroWEB transition, please contact Brandon Schroeder at

EnergyIQ and the OSDU Initiative

EnergyIQ has recently joined the OSDU (Open Subsurface Data Universe) initiative that is being sponsored by a number of large, global oil and gas operators. The purpose of the OSDU is to design, develop, and promote standards for the consumption, management, and delivery of data associated with the subsurface. We believe that there are significant opportunities for EnergyIQ to contribute to the definition of the standards and to align our product stack with the overall technical direction to ensure seamless integration as the standards evolve.

We have participated in several discussions with the OSDU to gain a better understanding of the vision and goals of the consortium and have also held discussions with Energistics and ESRI to determine how we might work together to deliver collaborative solutions. We will be discussing our findings and direction in more detail at the EnergyIQ Rendezvous in early October.

See our New EnergyIQ Website!

This month we launched a new EnergyIQ website!  Our new website provides detailed information about our Solutions, Technology Stack, and more. We invite you to learn about EnergyIQ by visiting our website at  And here is a sneak peak of our solutions:

Competitive Intelligence: A proven Solution for seamlessly loading multiple external data sources and providing a blended version to the applications that depend on it for analysis and insights.  Automatic data loading from commercial and public data sources results in access to the best data available, lower data subscription costs and greater productivity.  Spend less time aggregating, manipulating and verifying data, and more time analyzing it.

Well Master: Integrate proprietary data and optionally, blend it with external data from our Competitive Intelligence Solution. Well Master automates the process of data aggregation from all sources based on your own business rules to create a single source of Trusted Data.  The Well Master manages and delivers all types of data across the Well Lifecycle including Well Header, Logs, Surveys, Cores, Production, and Facilities among many others.

Lifecycle Automation: EnergyIQ’s enterprise Solution for workflow automation and represents the pinnacle of E&P data management efficiency and productivity. Lifecycle Automation is a rules-based solution that includes automated master data synchronization and notification based upon critical events. This solution leverages all of the benefits of Competitive Intelligence and Well Master for maximizing organizational productivity and efficiency.

Meet The Team:  Cassie Fletcher

Cassie started at EnergyIQ’s Houston office at the beginning of July as Project Manager. She comes to us from a T&E software company, Chrome River, where she worked in the higher education vertical. Cassie has spent the last 10 years working as a Project Manager and Implementation Consultant across different industries supporting software solutions.

She started her oil and gas career after the housing market collapsed in 2007 when she accepted a role at a software company that offered an ERP solution to mid-size drilling companies. She spent 5 years there in a hybrid role of Project Manager, Implementation Consultant, Trainer, and Support to her clients. During her time there, she was able to help build an implementation methodology that allowed the company to become more efficient, reduce errors and provide a better overall client experience. After her time there, Cassie moved into an Implementation Manager role for a company that offered solutions to the real estate industry. She spent years in the payments industry helping roll out some of the first “chip” cards and digital payments solutions that were made available through her company. Cassie began to feel like she missed the oil and gas industry and hoped an opportunity would present itself to allow her to move back into the space. EnergyIQ was the opportunity she needed!

Cassie is a mom to a 6-year old son, Maddox, who’s always teaching her how to play Minecraft and build better Legos. She’s recently bought a new home to move closer into downtown Houston and is enjoying the short commute around the city.  In her free time, she likes to check out new restaurants and bars around town, go to concerts, check her fantasy football line up and spend too much time in the gym. She also enjoys traveling and has made herself a new personal goal of visiting two new countries a year.

Meet The Team:  Suneetha Alokam

Suneetha joined EnergyIQ’s Calgary office in February as Senior Software Advocate. Prior to EnergyIQ, Suneetha worked for Shaw Communications for 11 years, starting as QA analyst and moving on to QA Lead and QA Manager roles. During her tenure at Shaw, she worked on various telecommunications projects involving billing, invoice redesign, mediation, and WiFi products from development phases to production support. She managed the offshore QA team for billing projects, developed and implemented Automation Framework with opensource tools like Selenium, and TestNG for various applications at Shaw. Prior to joining Shaw, she worked at The University of Calgary as a Research Associate in Bioinformatics.

Suneetha graduated from The University of Calgary with a Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology.  While working on her research for a Master’s thesis, she developed an interest in bioinformatics and started taking programming courses at the University of Calgary.  Eventually, she moved to IT completely.

She is married with two kids.  Her 1- year old son is in high school and her 12-year old daughter is in middle school. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, volunteering and running.

TDM Tips & Tricks:  Start New Wells on the Right Foot

Data integrity is the single most important component of maximizing the value of EnergyIQ’s Trusted Data Manager.  With the wide variety of source systems that can be integrated into the TDM database, a universal, consistent key field is crucial in empowering your data management team to make use of all your highly prized data sources.  However, establishing a consistent link between these variable data sources can present quite a challenge.  With many data sources using their own key as the primary identifier, marrying data for one well component across different sources can present its share of difficulty.

Fortunately, an excellent solution has existed in TDM all along.  The TDM EKey, a generated identifier unique to each well component, is used as the primary identifier across many tables in the PPDM data model.  With EnergyIQ’s aggregation process, each well component, from completions to wellbores to wells, will receive a unique EKey, simplifying matching across all levels of each well family.  Unlike an API number or other identifiers which may change or lack universality, the TDM EKey is unique and universal, making it an ideal candidate as match criterion across the various data sources your company chooses to integrate into TDM.

Some of our most successful customers start each and every new well in TDM, creating a record in TDM prior to adding the new well in any other data sources.  These EKeys can be generated in a variety of ways including through the TDM UI and the TDM Loader.  The newly generated EKey for the new well component, and related data, can then be populated into many external data systems.  This will provide you with a unique field that can be used to ensure consistency and uniformity while matching data from a variety of sources.  These EKeys will simplify matching logic and help ensure data integrity across multiple sources.

By originating each well in TDM, not only do you set your data managers up for success, but you also facilitate trust in the data for all consumers of this data.  To learn more about starting each well with a TDM EKey, please contact us at

Where Can You Find Us?

We’d love to see you in person. EnergyIQ will be attending and sponsoring many coming events. Some of them are listed here. Please come by and say hello. We’d love to see you!

  • September 10, 2019: PPDM Data Management Luncheon Dallas/Ft. Worth TX
  • September 16 – 18, 2019: ECIM 2019 Haugesund, Norway
  • September 19, 2019: PPDM Data Management Luncheon Calgary AB
  • October 1 – 2, 2019: EnergyIQ Houston Rendezvous Houston TX
  • October 8, 2019: EnergyIQ Calgary Rendezvous Calgary AB
  • October 8, 2019: PPDM Data Management Luncheon Houston TX
  • October 22 – 23, 2019:  PPDM Calgary Data Management Symposium Calgary AB
  • November 5, 2019: PPDM Data Management Luncheon OKC, OK
  • November 13, 2019: PPDM Denver Petroleum Symposium Denver CO
  • December 10, 2019: PPDM Data Management Luncheon Dallas/Ft. Worth TX

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