Trusted Data Manager™ (TDM)

Trusted Data is the Foundation of Information Certainty

Information drives E&P like never before. The need for accurate, comprehensive, trusted, and consumable information has never been more acute. While the volume of data is overwhelming and the tools for analysis abundant, the ability to obtain accurate, connected, trusted, and usable information is lacking.

EnergyIQ’s Trusted Data Manager™ (TDM) is an E&P master data management platform that manages multiple sources of data to present a single, comprehensive view of the data to your organization. Built on a unique Well Hierarchy-based approach, TDM provides fast access to the most Trusted Data so you can make your best business decisions.

TDM is the foundation for all EnergyIQ Solutions.  TDM manages Competitive Intelligence, a log data management solution, a corporate well master and utilized as the hub for MDM. TDM provides the required functionality to give organizations confidence that they are working with the most trusted data available.


  • Bridge the gap. TDM brings business and technology together, by making data more useful
  • Trusted data. Easily load, manage, and blend data from multiple sources
  • Manage structured and unstructured data. TDM brings order to data chaos in an elegant, simple and reliable way
  • A single source of trusted data. TDM creates a unified source of reliable, trusted data that people use every day
  • Master corporate well information. All data, including well header and technical data, is mastered for every user in the company
  • Increase confidence in data. Integration with systems and applied quality controls provide access to comprehensive data sets in a single authoritative data source
  • Find data faster. Spend more time interpreting and analyzing, instead of scouring file systems and project data stores for relevant, related well subsurface data
  • Analyze data for purpose. Viewers, reports and advanced data grids help confirm the searched data is correct and complete for use in other applications
  • Simplify workflows. Automated processes, a single search application and configurable export options make data management tasks easier
  • View results in context to the map. Begin searches or compare well results in context with other entities (e.g. seismic, leases, pipelines, etc.)

Key Functionality and Features


The data model is populated according to PPDM standard and industry practices.


TDM can automate workflows such as data loading, data synchronization and data updates.


Wells between sources are matched according to specific matching criteria to ensure data is aggregated and blended properly.



Multiple data sources can be maintained and blended based on configurable business rules creating a “gold record” for a well.

Data Quality

Configurable data rules can be run during data loading to identify bad data and on-demand against the data set to track quality over time.



Information about changes to data is captured to track history and establish trust in the data.


Flexible and robust interface for query and delivery ensures data is presented consistently and reliably.



TDM can be leveraged to support a specific well data management challenge to begin with (e.g. managing commercial data) and scaled as needed to support more complex challenges (e.g. Well Master, Geoscience Workflows, MDM, etc.).


Comprehensive Data Types

  • Vendor Data – direct access and loading of vendor data, including IHS, Enervus DrillingInfo, TGS, P2, EGI, RSEG, etc.
  • Internal Well Data – synchronize Well Header data across the enterprise via IQexchange
  • G&G Data – manage well logs, directional surveys, formation tops, etc. Synchronize to G&G projects via IQexchange.

Technology Stack

Trusted Data Manager™ (TDM)



"TDM is the source of truth at the center of our data management strategy. Nearly every person in the company relies on the information in TDM in one way or another. "

– COO, Mid-Size Operator

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