The challenge:

For this growing E&P company operating in the Permian and other unconventional basins, efficiency was key to continued profitable growth. As they expanded, nearly doubling drilling locations in 2013 alone, they recognized that having a central well master data store was a critical component of driving ever-greater levels of efficiency. As they evaluated current data management processes and systems, they identified several challenges that needed to be addressed:

  • Integrating the growing volume of data from third-party sources was problematic; 70% of their issues stemmed from data loading errors
  • Each asset team captured, maintained, and used data differently
  • Project systems didn’t provide a consistent view across the enterprise
  • There was no authoritative source that tracked a well across its lifecycle

The impact became significant

  • Accurate analysis was impossible as they realized the underlying data was inaccurate
  • Incorrect data from specialist applications caused target drilling locations to be misinterpreted
  • Uncertainty led to data trust issues across the team

Solution and benefits:

To address the problem, the company looked at multiple options, including developing an internal well master, and evaluated four different MDM solutions. They chose EnergyIQ’s Trusted Data Manager (TDM) solution for several reasons:

  • Building a system internally would have been time consuming and expensive, and didn’t provide the assurances they needed that it would be right
  • Most commercial software products weren’t as robust as EnergyIQ
  • Not one of the other options was designed around the well hierarchy
  • Only EnergyIQ provided an end-to-end solution that automated each stage—including data loading, multi-source data blending, and integration—with specialist applications

With EnergyIQ, they are now able to:

  • Provide more trusted data to business users who depend on it
  • Load data more quickly and accurately, using source-level preference rules to select attributes, create a trusted well bore record, and then promote it throughout the enterprise for use across all areas of exploration
  • Deliver data at the appropriate level of the hierarchy—from well origin to completion—across major domains, including well planning, drilling operations, reservoir management, and production accounting
  • Interface data from their well master with downstream specialist applications

Solution Summary

  • Each asset team captured, maintained, and used data differently
  • Project systems didn’t provide a consistent view of the well across the enterprise
  • Centralized well master data store identified as critical for ever-greater levels of efficiency
  • Now able to deliver data at the appropriate level of the well hierarchy—from well origin to completion
  • Also integrating data from well master with downstream specialist applications

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