Why Data Management Is Like Middle School Math

By Mike Skeffington

Do you remember middle school math class? You work all night on your homework. Some problems are hard, while others are easy. You take it to school, and turn it in. You breathe a big sigh of relief, knowing your teacher will be happy with your results. After all, you worked hard, and circled all the answers.

The teacher checks all your answers and reviews your work. When you ‘show your work’, the teacher can see how you used formulas, step by step, and derived your answers. Because she can see your work, she trusts that you know how to do the math, not just how to use a calculator.

In E&P, every user knows that data comes from multiple sources, and has varying degrees of quality. They spend a lot of time finding data, cleaning it up, correcting mistakes, and compiling it into a format they can use in their workflows. Updating with fresh data can be especially difficult, because often they must start over!

It’s no wonder that when you tell them your data from the corporate master is better – they don’t believe you. How could they? When they do the hard work themselves, they’re certain the data they use to make decisions is perfect. They don’t really want to do all the hard work, and they would love for you to do it for them. They simply don’t ‘trust’ that your data is better, until you can prove it. They want to know how it was put together, where it came from, what’s the quality, who updated it and why, and more.

What if you could show users exactly how data was assembled from multiple sources? What if you could show them all the sources side-by-side, and highlight the attributes selected from each source to make up the ‘perfect’ record? What if you could expose the data access and quality rules that establish quality, completeness, and correctness? What if your users could look at all of this themselves, right in the master data store, and they could get the data just as they want it? No work for them.

Your data management strategy must include a way to ‘show your work’ – let the users see how the data is assembled. They want to believe you have the best and most trusted data available. They need you to show your work.


IQinsights:  Data For Everyone

By Mike Skeffington


At EnergyIQ, we’re getting ready to release one of our most innovative software products yet, IQinsights. Why do we call it innovative? IQinsights could be the new industry standard for any user in your company to get any information about any well, in milliseconds, through a simple and lightning fast user experience.

Historically, we’ve provided data management tools that are more targeted to data managers. For example, we provide tools for loading and processing directional survey data. We provide tools for loading and managing well log data. We provide tools for loading and managing well and production data, and much more. However, we have found that many users rely on the data management team to build a data set they can use in their projects, rather than go into the tools themselves. And the casual user might be left out entirely. That is about to change forever.

With IQinsights, any user in the organization that wants to find out something about a well will be able to query IQinsights, and view results easier and faster than ever before. Our testing shows a database with 7MM well and 100MM production records produces results in just a few milliseconds. If you blink your eyes, your data will be there when you open them again. Additionally, the user can view data in reports, graphs, maps, charts, and more.

What kind of data, you ask? Anything stored in the TDM database – for now. Very soon, we’ll be releasing an add-on that will give you a simple and fast method for mapping in data from virtually any database you have, using EnergyIQ’s Data Objects definitions as a foundation. The result is a comprehensive set of information from TDM, merged with data from other systems such as the Peloton™ suite, ProCount™, SAP™, ARIES™, and much, much more.

IQinsights is a platform. There’s an API, a data Indexer, the Data Object abstraction layer, a web-application (just one for now), and an export to Spotfire (with more formats to come). That means that while you can use our applications, we know many companies want to create or integrate into existing applications. With IQinsights, you can create a user experience that is unique to your company.

Early users have been wowed by the speed and utility of IQinsights. They tell us that IQinsights will be used by every person in the company, from executives to assistants, from accounting to regulatory, from planning to drilling and completing.

Why use IQinsights? IQinsights will enable ALL users to quickly find the data they need; the ultimate in self-service. Users will greatly reduce the time it takes to find, assemble, clean, and format data for use in their workflows, saving countless hours of time and frustration. Additionally, IQinsights will make sure the users have access to the most trusted data available and cut down on the use of ‘rogue’ data.

We’ve talked to some of you about IQsearch in the past. IQsearch has been renamed to IQinsights. Look for more about this exciting platform very soon. If you’d like to see a demo, please click here.

Data Assurance:  Giving You Peace of Mind

By Alex Gebben

Trusted Data Manager (TDM)

Data Assurance is a heavily used phrase in data management, but what does it mean for Oil and Gas Master Data Management? The term can be used in reference to validation, integrity, completeness or all of the above. The EnergyIQ Team is committed to working with our customers to meet their data assurance needs in several ways. First, EnergyIQ products are designed to support data assurance at all stages of the business cycle. Rules applied on import ensure adherence to quality standards; following the PPDM model enforces rigorous data relationships; blending multiple data sources promotes the most trusted data to the Golden Record; and with accessible user work flows, EnergyIQ solutions are engineered to increase data confidence. However, quality data management requires continuous review after data is loaded.  This is where the Client Services Team contributes to EnergyIQ’s commitment to data assurance. The Services Team monitors daily data loads, performs monthly data health checks, and resolves conflicts arising when client data is integrated with subscription datasets. These Services provide a safeguard against data issues and allow users to be more confident in their data quality.

One of the main functions of the Services Team is to review the daily data integrations from EnergyIQ’s WML and PIrls loaders. These loaders map Enerdeq and PIDM data formats to the PPDM38 standard. This lets users compare IHS data side by side with custom data sources. However, these data loads do not always run smoothly. For example, occasionally, invalid data is provided through these feeds, and other times a server crash prevents the nightly job from running. These issues are mitigated by reviewing WML and PIrls jobs every day. Fixing small issues during the daily cleanup prevents them from compounding into larger issues.  This Service catches data issues before they enter the database, creating further assurance of data quality.

In addition to daily job monitoring, Client Services also performs monthly reviews of data quality, identifying issues with previously loaded data. Sources of error may include users incorrectly modifying data, the PIrls feed excluding data, or database constraints preventing data from being loaded. Health checks can identify issues not evident during the daily review process. The checks confirm that wells have proper hierarchy relationships, all data is up-to-date, and there are no database relationship issues.  If an issue is found, the cause is identified and a Services member corrects the data. If the problem is with proprietary data, the issue can be reported for correction by the customer. The Services Team ensures that data continues to be loaded correctly and ensures long-standing processes are working correctly.

The EnergyIQ Services Team contributes to data assurance by providing support to TDM users. This allows users to effectively and accurately modify data using TDM, either using the TDM Loader to import proprietary data or through interactive editing in the TDM views.  Whether assisting with understanding of constraints in the PPDM data model or with management of user privileges or data management rules, the Services Team contributes to data quality by answering user questions and streamlining work flows. When users understand how to view data in TDM, how to integrate data changes, and how to evaluate TDM data, the quality of proprietary data is increased. With backgrounds in Geology, Petroleum Engineering, Well Logging, Computer Science, and IT, the Services Team has a wide scope of experience to draw upon when answering user questions. While no single Services member is an expert in all areas, the collaboration among the team allows questions to be answered in a way that is relevant to each user. Data Assurance is critical to business processes for all of our customers, and it is our privilege to work with you to ensure the quality, consistency and completeness of your data.

Save The Date:  2017 EnergyIQ Technical Forum

Each year EnergyIQ holds two customer events: The EnergyIQ Rendezvous and the EnergyIQ Technical Forum. The Rendezvous is our annual user group meeting, where we discuss company direction, product roadmap, provide training, and welcome customers to the stage to present the benefits and use cases for EnergyIQ solutions in their respective companies. The Rendezvous last November was a huge success! Our biggest year ever!

The EnergyIQ Technical Forum is held each spring, and this year will be in Houston on April 25th.  The goal of the EnergyIQ Technical Forum is to share EnergyIQ’s plans and technical direction for our software suite with our customers in an open forum, with the opportunity to provide feedback and share experiences.

The EnergyIQ Technical Forum is focused on overall architecture and technology, and not so much about functionality or features. We welcome all our customers to join us at both events.

Please save the date for the EnergyIQ Technical Forum: April 25th in Houston at Apache Corporation’s office.

Meet The Team:  Krista McDonald

Krista McDonald is the newest member of the Solutions Architect team.  Following several years of outstanding service at EnergyIQ, she was promoted from the Service and Support team to her new role. Through a unique understanding of the industry and the data management issues facing clients, she is able to deliver effective integrations across multiple platforms increasing information certainty and promoting better business practices across the lifecycle of a well.

Prior to joining EnergyIQ, Krista led the Geology Department for two years at a small independent oil and gas operating company in South Texas, Dewbre Petroleum Inc. At this time, Krista was also the Education Coordinator for the Corpus Christi Geological Society, heading up multiple programs to bring Geology into elementary schools across the United States. She graduated from Texas A&M in 2011 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology, and has been passionate about making a difference in the Oil and Gas Industry. Recently married, Krista and her husband are now expecting their first child – a little boy due at the end of May.

TDM Tips & Tricks:  Bulk Data Editing

The TDM Bulk Data Editor can make large scale changes to data in a single view using either Cell Edit or Template Row Edit modes.

Cell Edit – change individually selected data attributes for one or more records in the same way that you would edit a spreadsheet. For instance, you can edit Spud Date on one record, update three different Completion Dates on three other records, then Save all of these changes to the database at once.

Template Row Edit – change particular attributes to new values that you specify for all selected records in a view.  Select a number of records to edit at once using the check boxes in the left-most cell of the desired rows. In the top row of the grid, type a value into one or more column headings. When you click Save, TDM applies the values you specify in the column headings to those data attributes for all of the selected records in the grid.

TDM edit permissions do still apply, so you can only change values for wells with a source and well level type (well, wellbore, or completion) that you are allowed to edit, and for attributes that are not generated by well aggregation.


In a standard TDM implementation, Bulk Data Editing works with the well header, but can be configured to work with other data views.

For more information about TDM Bulk Data Editing and more, please contact us at 303.790.0919 or support@energyiq.info.

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