EnergyIQ Continues to Grow

By Steve Cooper

2018 continued to be a year of growth for EnergyIQ.  This growth was not only measured in revenue, new clients, software enhancements and additional employees, but most importantly in the growth of the value clients are realizing with our solutions

In October, EnergyIQ hosted our 6th annual Rendezvous User Group Meeting.  Highlights of this meeting included nearly 100% representation from the client base, the largest attendance ever at the event and presentations and panel participation from nine clients.  The presentations contained a common thread relating back to how they’ve leveraged and implemented EnergyIQ solutions to produce more value to their organization.  The feedback from those that attended was overwhelmingly positive.

2018 was also a year of transformation for EnergyIQ. We recognized that EnergyIQ had grown to the point that we needed to make both organizational and operational changes to help us move to the next level. To that end, Mike Skeffington was promoted to COO, Mike Haden to CTO and Amelia Webster took over the position of VP Business Analysis. We also brought in two very experienced people in Jay Brown as VP of Professional Services, and Brandon Schroeder as VP Business Development. I am confident that we now have the right people in the right seats on the bus to take us to the next level in terms of organizational growth.

Finally, 2018 was a year of innovation. We made major improvements to the architecture of IQexchange while IQinsights has revolutionized the way that our customers access data not just within TDM, but also in other data stores that they have integrated. The work that was recently completed to visualize data quality information is, in my opinion, industry leading and lays the foundation for even greater enhancements. While maybe not quite as eye-catching, the work to load and blend multiple sources of commercial data is equally important as clients want access to the best data possible to feed analytics engines.

Looking to 2019, we continue to invest heavily in our software platform driven by client needs, emerging technology, and the industry trends that we have identified through our work around the Digital Journey study. I have spent much of the last 12 months trying to gain an understanding of key industry and digital trends to ensure that EnergyIQ is positioned appropriately. The findings of this study have been published in a Position Paper, “The Digital Journey” which is available to our clients.  In addition, Jim Crompton, Founder of Reflections Data Consulting and formerly a Senior Advisor for Upstream IT at Chevron and I, have collaborated to publish a book focused on the evolution of data management in the oil and gas industry and its impact on maximizing the potential of the latest phase of the Digital Transformation.  A Digital Journey:  The Transformation of the Oil & Gas Industry is now available to purchase on Amazon.

Having been focused exclusively in oil and gas data management since our inception over 10 years ago, we consider that EnergyIQ is extremely well positioned to deliver the solutions that companies need, and I am confident that 2019 will be our strongest yet and that we will see significant growth.  We are excited for the future of EnergyIQ and welcome you along for the ride.


Loading Data from Multiple Sources

By Brandon Schroeder

As the industry continues to push data science to new levels by incorporating predictive analytics and machine learning, the foundation of data feeding those systems is critical.  Often, organizations find only a small percentage of targeted data sets remains to be analyzed once outliers and untrusted data are eliminated.  The industry is recognizing and starting to benefit from advancements by the commercial data providers, with many applying new technology to capture, clean, interpret, visualize and analyze data in ways that were not possible in the past.  As a result, organizations find it necessary to load data from multiple sources (commercial and internal sources) to a centralized well master database, Trusted Data Manager (TDM), which then becomes a primary data feed to applications requiring the most accurate well data.

EnergyIQ has established partnerships with leading data providers.  TDM automatically loads, matches, QC’s and blends data across vendors and internal data sources to deliver the best data to the organization and to stay competitive.  Recently, EnergyIQ partnered with P2 to eliminate potential issues resulting from the announcement that IHS Markit would no longer be delivering P2 Tobin location data.  Working with P2 and our mutual clients, a new data loader with well matching criteria was established.  Our clients can now load, match and blend the two commercial sources to provide the consistent, familiar data set to what they were previously receiving.  However, our clients are taking it a step further by loading, matching and blending the IHS/P2 data with other commercial and internal sources.

Solution Workflow from Loading to Data Delivery

Our vendor-neutral approach allows us to load from more commercial data sources than any other solution provider.   It also enables EnergyIQ to provide organizations the ability to plug-and-play commercial data vendors along with internal systems and industry applications.  This supports a best of breed strategy, allowing organizations to select vendors and applications that best serve the business.  Stay tuned for additional commercial data loader announcements coming soon.

TDM 2018.2 Highlights

By Brandon Schroeder

EnergyIQ continues to push iterative releases of TDM, built around client-driven enhancements.  This client focus allows EnergyIQ to provide world-class support and extend the solution to allow clients to gain further value in our data management solutions.  In January 2019, the 2018.2 versions of TDM was released.  Following are the high-level summary of enhancements:

  • Log Data Management. New options give users greater ability to manage curve mnemonics. Users can configure custom mnemonics, define preferred mnemonics and specify attributes/mnemonics to ignore.  The system will now capture all parameters in the well header section.  Log data loading is improved with a more flexible “dropbox” allowing for additional automation options.
  • Directional Survey. UI improvements provide enhanced visualization around survey stations and plots. Survey processing has improved as more intelligence around CRS allows for fewer attributes required to process the file. TDM has implemented a best practice of translating all Grid north to True North prior to calculating the TVD and Lat/Long offsets.  Support for additional North type: Assumed True and Assumed Grid North can be selected by users for processing. The Dropbox now supports directional survey data via .DSV format
  • TDM Commercial Data Loaders. Several new commercial data loaders are now available. These include DrillingInfo, TGS, and P2/Tobin.  Enhancements to the IHS reference data downloads increases accuracy and consistency.
  • International Aggregation. TDM is now equipped to load hierarchy parameters that aggregation uses to correctly aggregate incoming ‘child’ hierarchy components to aggregated ‘parent’ hierarchy components. This new functionality allows TDM to manage USA domestic and international data, vastly expanding TDM’s capabilities for both international and USA domestic clients looking to load data from around the globe.

Save the Date!  EnergyIQ’s Technical Forum 2019

Each year EnergyIQ holds two customer events: The EnergyIQ Rendezvous and the EnergyIQ Technical Forum. The EnergyIQ Technical Forum is held each spring, and this year will be in Houston on Tuesday, April 23rd.  The goal of the EnergyIQ Technical Forum is to share EnergyIQ’s plans and technical direction for the TDM application suite with our customers in an open forum with the opportunity to provide feedback and share experiences.

The focus of the meeting is not really about specific software functionality, but more focused on overall architecture and technology.

Please save the date: April 23rd in Houston and click here for more details.

Meet the Team:  Brandon Schroeder

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed Brandon Schroeder as EnergyIQ’s new Vice President of Business Development.  Brandon will be taking on the responsibilities vacated by Mike Skeffington, who has taken on a new role as EnergyIQ’s Chief Operating Officer.

Brandon’s appointment reflects EnergyIQ’s desire to continue building on another strong year of growth.    EnergyIQ is positioned for major expansion in delivering data management and integration solutions, and we’re excited about Brandon’s decades of experience and proven track record in business development and strategic thinking within the Oil & Gas market.

I’m excited to be part of a team that is innovating and redefining data management and look forward to building on the company’s impressive growth.

Brandon has 20+ years of proven results in enterprise software driving business growth, managing the product lifecycle and leading technical teams.  Prior to EnergyIQ, Brandon lead the Business Development and Product Development teams as President of petroWEB Inc.  His experiences and responsibilities along his career at petroWEB, Neuralog, Petris/Halliburton and ZEH Software have encompassed product management, and sales and marketing, all focused around E&P data management solutions.

Brandon earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.


Meet The Team:  Jay Brown

Jay Brown started at EnergyIQ’s Houston office as the Vice President of Professional Services.  He comes to us from Wipro where he was working onsite at British Petroleum for the last six years.  There, he was leading a large team who was supporting the subsurface data management needs of Alaska, GOM, L48 (before they split off and became an EnergyIQ client), Brazil and Canada.  Prior to that, he ran the professional services group at Petris Technology focusing on delivering their various software and consulting services. He also worked at Tobin (then P2) building and then running their remote application and data hosting services.  In between, he did a two-year stint as the IT director for a small oil company in Houston.  He started his oil and gas industry career right out of graduate school working for Marathon Oil as a business analyst. He has spent time on both sides of the aisle (client/vendor), but primarily as a vendor delivering various technical consulting services to E&P clients.  The common theme running through his career has been data management.

Jay graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Houston where he also went on to receive his MBA in Management Information Systems.  He had aspirations early on of going to New York and pursuing a career in Finance, but had been a techy since high school so gravitated in that direction.

He married his wife, Bianca, in June of last year back in Australia where she is from.  He has a 17-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old son both in high school in Sugar Land where he lives.  In his free time, he enjoys going to sporting events of almost any kind, listening to live music, gardening, floating in the pool with a beer in his hand or binge-watching TV shows with his wife.

TDM Tips & Tricks:  Working with the EnergyIQ Well Level Manager Page

By Laura Elliott

When working in the EIQ Well Level Manager, you may have asked yourself how TDM orders the different well versions columns when multiple sources are available in the table.

If blending has occurred, the sort order is determined by the Blending Preferences (Source Preference List) for the Government ID attribute.  An easy way to see this list in the same page is to toggle the button labelled ‘Show Blending Preferences’ in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  When the button is toggled to the on (green) position, the blending preferences (SPL) are shown for each attribute.

By expanding the width of the blending preferences column, you can see the preferences for each attribute in the table.  For the example below, you see that the well version columns are indeed sorted in the order of the blending preferences for the Government_ID.

If you are seeing something other than the blending preference order of the Government ID, it is a sure sign of either one of two things:

  • The blending process has not occurred for this record; or
  • You have previously re-sorted the columns for this record manually.

Yes, the latter is indeed possible! And this is yet another key tip for using the Well Level Manager page!

Let’s say in our example well that you want to manually compare the data in the Blended and Procount columns side-by-side.  Simply select the cell labelled Well Version #3 at the top of the table (the Procount-sourced well version) and move it to the left.  That column will then slide to the left to be adjacent to the Blended column and the CORP_EMP and EnergyIQ columns will shift to the right.

This change will be effective for only this well and only at the well hierarchy level where you made the manual change (in this case, completion level).  It will stay in that location until you manually change it back.  The out-of-order well version numbering will be a clue that you have re-ordered the columns for this well when you return to this record in the Well Level Manager view.

For additional information about working the well level manager page and more, please contact us at 303.790.0919 or

Where Can You Find Us?

We’d love to see you in person. EnergyIQ will be attending and sponsoring many coming events. Some of them are listed here. Please come by and say hello. We’d love to see you!

  • February 11, 2019: NAPE Houston TX
  • February 12, 2019: PPDM Data Management Luncheon Oklahoma City OK
  • March 05, 2019: PPDM Petroleum Data Workshop Dallas/Ft. Worth TX
  • March 06, 2019: PPDM Data Management Luncheon Calgary AB
  • March 14, 2019: PPDM Data Management Luncheon Midland TX
  • April 9-10, 2019: PPDM Houston Professional Petroleum Data Expo 2019 Houston TX
  • May 07, 2019: Denver Energy Tech Showcase Denver CO
  • May 14, 2019: PPDM Petroleum Data Workshop Oklahoma City OK
  • May 21-23, 2019: PNEC 2019 Houston TX

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